We are a company founded in 2003 that provides management's services of several projects, but with major presence in ​​Engineering & Construction area. Over the years, our experience in management and consulting in various lines of action has allowed us, together with our partners and clients, to have full knowledge of all the main visions

within an engineering and construction business. From planning to project delivery,

we offer the necessary supervision and management with focus on the best results.

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Executive Director of M2L Project Management

Maurício Martins Lopes

It is certified by PMI® as Project Management Professional (PMP®). He was one of the founders of the São Paulo Chapter Brazil of the PMI® and director for two administrations. Vice-coordinator of the Enterprise Management Division of the Engineering Institute of São Paulo. Minister lectures on project management at FATEC, CPLAN, INPG, IETEC-MG and FIA (guest). He was the head of the Construction Section of the Condomínio Centro Empresarial de São Paulo, Coordinator of Works of KFC and Coordinator of Project Management Systems of Racional Engenharia. Writes articles for magazines specialized in Engineering & Construction and as a international correspondent of the American site specialized in Project Management PM World Journal and Tron-Orc's blog.



     Our working method was developed based on our experience in entrepreneurship with construction companies, managers, investors, entrepreneurs, tenants in BTS (built to suit) contracts and designers. In addition, we use PMI® good practices through the Construction Extension to the PMBOK ® Guide.

        The Construction Extension to the PMBOK® Guide is an extension of the PMBOK® specific engineering & construction approach covering the disciplines of scope, timing, cost, quality, human resources, communications, hiring, risk, stakeholders, health, safety, and the environment and financial.

      With each discipline mentioned above, we privilege the practice, using the theoretical concepts, but not being slaves of methodologies. Our management has its own method through a script previously established to site visits, as well as using our own application for data collection and generation of management reports.




Unrestricted support to the client


Quality and innovation in services


Focus on getting results


Promote, utilize and flexibilize global and sustainable good practices for Project Management as an essential meaning to add value to the business of its clients.




Social and Environmental responsibility


Respect for people and